NTS Social Academy’s new appointments

The NTS Social Academy is proposing new topics on which to discuss and discuss in full NTS style.

On 29 April we talked about a conflict of positivity: every day we live in conflicts, small or large, sometimes even with ourselves, but how many do we turn into positive energy?
Knowing how to recognize and manage it is very important to build your serenity. With the criminologist Luca Villa we deepened the theme, catapulting it into our daily lives.

Friday, May 20 will be the turn of another meeting. The appointment will always be in Natta room, at 17.30: here we will be guided by the expert Maurizio Naibo, private banker, who will teach us how to protect their assets, how to choose the most suitable investments for yourself and your family and how you can save effectively.

The goal will be to acquire an “ABC” of financial education to become more aware and more and more proponents of their own life choices.

To register: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdRT6I5CszwOPZKv6saQsAj6ZnJDSJUV07goQcGNPtXguB5jg/viewform