Interview with Marco Manzoni

Transmitting the social importance of being Enterprise has become a priority of all leader companies: even because of this, communicating one’s values and sustainability becomes a challenge as much necessary as exiting.” Marco Manzoni – Executive Vice-president NTS S.p.A.


What’s the role of Enterprise communication, in your opinion?

I believe that companies must nowadays get connected with people, not only through their products and services, but also showing their social and value-related worth.
In plain words: it is important to build a Corporate culture.
The world of social medias, for instance, gives a great chance: describe oneself directly, quickly, widely and without many formalisms.


Does communication lead to concrete results?

Bringing people closer to companies – for example workers or the community where the Company itself is situated – can really be masterful. Today it’s strictly important to attract new talents, create partnership among different companies, maybe complementary with each other, to give live to very innovative projects.


Plasticmind is the leitmotiv of your 2018 communication. How important is it for an entrepreneur to have a plastic mind?

The entrepreneur is a true bearer of mind plasticity, together with his managers: even when he aims to well-defined business objectives, he often has to go through tough situations to achieve them.
As a consequence, he has to face problems with a new attitude: flexibility, positivity and initiative are very useful features, together with the plural strength of his team.
Furthermore: the entrepreneur must be very careful and open to take his cues and gather ideas from the world, and to quickly acknowledge inputs able to generate added value.


How can the Man’s plastic mindset be harmonized with the Machine’s linear mindset?

Automation is a subject that needs a sincere and serene discussion on our behalf.
Of course some human activities will be executed by machineries in the future years, but we must recognize that we are talking about replaceable, repetitive and standard jobs.
There’s nothing to fear for a worker that keeps specializing himself and investing in his own training.
In this big data age, it is normal to exploit the machine’s ability to file and store datas, even to improve oneself thanks to self-learning cognitive methods. But this is not enough for all necessary functions and positions inside a company.


What do you do in NTS to increase the plastic mindset of your staff?

We yearly interview our staff NTS to evaluate the skills of everybody according to their role in the company.
If a member of our staff shows a gap about a fundamental subject (as it concerns ability and responsibility of his position), we evaluate to bridge it with a specific training course or we consider requalifying the person with another position, that may better fit with his/her features. Being plastic also means to have the courage and the initiative to adapt the organogram to the current work’s scenario.
We really trust in this system for two reasons: it stimulates our staff to improve, training to keep “open” and flexible, and it assures to our company the possibility to grow showing new skills to the market.
Our staff’s knowledge is strictly proved by the value of our products and services.


 We have talked about plastic mind. What about the body?

Body and mind are strictly connected, as the Latins thought.
We believe that well-being at work is a very important matter: for this reason we took part in the WHP Bergamo program, which promotes health at work together with the support of ATS Bergamo and Confindustria.
We have planned many activities that extend from smart communications to keep fit, to sport training groups i­­n different disciplines.

The new site of NTS S.p.A.

The new site of NTS S.p.A.

The new site of NTS S.p.A.

New image, new logo, new content firmly anchored to entrepreneurial identity and its roots from which everything was born. A daily vision geared to “make a difference” for the growth of the service offered in the mold construction and molding of thermoplastic and thermosetting materials.

Contact us for further details.


Career…. Open positions.

New job opportunities…check the open positions in NTS S.p.A.!

A community action in Curtici

A tradition, a community action at Curtici (Arad) in our Rumanian productive plant. Because a company is a community in its territory. The young staff of our company, a choir, a Christmas carol, a smile, sharing a sneak together. This is the simplicity of a community full of reciprocal esteem and respect. Some actions are never out of fashion.

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Quality policy

Premium qualityPremium quality

Quality is a word, often abused, that requires real contents and concrete actions.


The Person at center and economic indicators same as social indicators: our “Quality Policy” aims to our stakeholder’s satisfaction, first and foremost customers, community and staff.

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