S. Mass in honor of our workers and our community

May began with a great gift in NTS: on the day of Workers’ Day we had the pleasure of hosting in our spaces the Bishop of the diocese of Bergamo, Monsignor Francesco Beschi, who officiated, in front of more than 200 people, The Labor Day Mass.

The emotion was great and tangible, not only for the lively and heartfelt participation of workers with their families, partners, collaborators and institutional figures, but also for the touching words of the Bishop during the homily, that gave a spiritual completeness to the moment lived together.
The celebration was an opportunity to talk about what motivates us every day in our work, the importance that dignity and the balance between private and professional life in a working context like ours, aimed at improving individual and collective well-being through initiatives that go beyond the simple daily task.

In fact, in NTS we believe we must take care of our future today in order to build the tomorrow we want, giving opportunities for growth and education to young people, establishing a social dialogue with employees, in order to create cohesion and passion for the work we do every day. And all this is possible only by giving meaning to the work, which goes beyond the individual project, product or service, but becomes the object of realization both personal and professional satisfaction.

This is the most important value we talked about during the celebration of May 1st: being able to express our being and completeness as human also through work, a work that more favors our precious individuality.

It was a special moment to crown our journey because we understood that, “sowing in time genuine and strong values”, we have gathered esteem and recognition from the community. We will continue to strive for growth and improvement driven by our values for a long time to come!Marco Manzoni, CEO of NTS