NTS Academy

Sharing culture and knowledge with partners, customers, suppliers, employees, entrepreneurs, schools: we have founded NTS Academy driven by our will to create…

NTS Tech

NTS Tech is the new consulting division of NTS that stands alongside the customers from the very first design stages of the project: from the feasibility and technical-economic…


We devote our energy to the construction of moulds and moulding of items made of plastic material, both thermosetting and thermoplastic.
We provide advanced services, offering technical and productive solutions with high added value.
Our approach is sound, innovative and sustainable.

Construction custom moulds

From the design of the products to be made, our Technical Office develops, studies and constructs the mould for the customer.

Stampaggio Termoindurenti

Thermosetting Moulding

After having carefully examined moulds, raw materials, product and process documentation, we transform thermoplastic, thermosetting resins.

Stampaggio termoplastici

Thermoplastic Moulding

High technology coordinated by an MES and Lean Thinking approach allow us to guarantee a quality finished product as well as respect the agreed timeframes.

NTS Fast Manufacturing

It is the new service provided by NTS Tech dedicated to short time production, from the single part in additive manufacturing in 48 hours until small series in 15 days through injection moulding.

NTS Integrated Service

It’s a long we know that we cannot limit ourselves to offer our customers “only” moulds and moulding: that’s why we are more and more integrating our “core” services with new services…


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