On 10 October from 14:30 to 17:30 there will be the meeting Strategic Community on Advanced Polymers organized by the Association Fabbrica Intelligente Lombardia (AFIL) of which NTS is a member since this year.
The central topic of this meeting will be intelligent polymers and this will be, for us at NTS, an opportunity to meet partner companies and universities with which to develop new projects in the field of advanced polymers and related applications.

The meeting will begin with the presentation of the stakeholders present and will continue with a brainstorming on the Manifestation of interest of the Lombardy Region to show the progress and define the specific themes and projects to be integrated into the proposal. After that we will open the doors of our reality and personally accompany the participants to the event on a tour of our company.

Promoting these events, for us, means deepening the themes of technological development at the base of the company evolution, as well as becoming part of an important network that also allows us to be part of a direct dialogue with the Lombardy Region and with the projects of the Strategic Development Plan of the European Community.

The event is exceptionally open to all, with a view to the inclusivity of the Event of Interest, and participation is free, but subject to the capacity of the room and, for this, you must register online through the appropriate form.

To learn more about the event visit AFIL https://www.afil.it/ or feel free to contact us. For further information, please write to Elena Mossali at segreteria@afil.it.