International vision, European heart

Our main headquarters are located in Bergamo: an area of 20000 m² which includes offices, design and production departments and warehouses.
The various departments are positioned in such a way as to facilitate logistic and production flows, ensuring process efficacy and efficiency.
A strong international outlook, which is confirmed by the latest export data, is the strong point of a progressive company model at both a business and managerial level.
Knowledge of languages, confidence with export legislation and a lively interest in new markets has made us the preferred choice for many customers worldwide.
In 2005 we decided to open a branch in the heart of Europe, in Arad, to complete our development project, the aim of which is to make our company presence more competitive at an international level.
On this site, which occupies 5000 m², we are primarily involved in the compression moulding of thermosetting materials and part assembly operations.