Our Ethics

What defines us

Code of Ethics and Conduct

This Code of Ethics and Conduct has been drawn up, being part of a more complex organizational system based on ethics, transparency and legality, the observance of which is of fundamental importance both for the proper functioning and reliability of the Company, and for the protection of the prestige, image and know-how of the same, these being factors that constitute a decisive asset for the success of the company. The Code contains a set of values and guidelines that must be observed by all those who come into contact with the Company or, more generally, are legitimate stakeholders in the Company.

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Anti-Corruption Policy

In order to prevent behaviors that are prohibited by the Anti-Corruption Laws, NTS S.p.A. has decided to adopt a specific Anti-Corruption Policy.

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Whistleblowing policy

Whistleblowing is a tool through which employees of NTS S.p.A., partners, customers, suppliers, consultants, collaborators, shareholders and, more generally, anyone who is in a relationship of interest with the Company can report to specific individuals or bodies, (including police bodies and public authorities) a possible fraud, crime, offence or any irregular conduct, committed by other individuals belonging to the Organisation. For each report, read this document carefully and follow the procedure.

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Sustainable purchasing policy

We are committed to offering an increasingly excellent, competitive and sustainable service, but without the involvement of our suppliers on the same objectives, it would be an incomplete job. For this reason, our customer-oriented excellence passes through their involvement. This commitment policy represents the beginning of a path made up of specific requirements, which are required in a continuous and timely improvement audit approach, because we want to grow together professionally and responsibly.

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