Interview with Jenny Janet Vera Hidalgo

Jenny Janet Vera Hidalgo is a young Ecuadorian woman, working in NTS for more than ten years.

She is a specialized worker in the molding dept., who recently cooperated to the writing of some internal and very useful instructions to her operation and to the one of her colleagues.

Here is her story.


How did you live your condition of foreigner when you arrived to Italy?
I came to Italy in 1999 and in the 2003 I moved to Bergamo for personal matters, I immediately liked this city for its tranquility and beauty.
I felt welcomed and worked in different local companies, among which Nolan and Necta.
After some time, one day, I left my curriculum in NTS and my professional life changed since then. I remember that the first job interview had been very positive, my fluent Italian had been particularly appreciated.


What did you find in NTS?
A company that made me grow a lot, on professional and human level as well.
I learnt to sharpen my perceptiveness and my critical thinking, I improved my organization skills. Thanks to the team work, I understood that having a common goal is not enough, it is necessary to share a method to reach a real harmony.


What’s the air you breath in NTS like?
I’d say that there is a very cooperative atmosphere: none of us feels a number even though the company is big.
I have a memory about this aspect. After working for a few time in the finishing department,
I had been given a new role in the moulding department. My responsibilities grew, in particular I had to take care of the functioning and maintenance of some machineries.
I was afraid of this step but I was followed by Giuliano Bresciani, the moulding technologist that became my reference point. A very scrupulous professional who supported me with professionality and patience.


What did Giuliano tell you to reassure you?
Once, at the end of the day, he saw I was kind of discouraged and told me: “Jenny, don’t worry, your work must become a part of you. Each day you will gain new information and, without even realizing it, you will feel as sure as you have never felt before. Let time run its course”.
These words remained in my heart, really.

Is there any other episode of your work you would like to tell about?
Last year I saw a colleague of mine having some difficulties. After a week training, he was not able to use a machinery properly, he did not remember the procedure. I thought it would have been useful to him to have some written instructions at hand, so that he could consult them in case of need. As I went home, I started to write them into a document.
I do not know very well the Italian grammar, therefore my children helped me as they are born here and know the language very well: I like to involve them in my work and they know NTS even thanks to what I tell them about the company.
When I completed the document, I shared it with NTS Direction who really appreciated my contribution, and made it official together with all the Quality documents. There is no need to say that I felt very gratified.


What led you to undertake this action?
The sense of belonging and the love for my job.
We spend most of our time at work, I think that loving it is necessary to feel satisfied and pleased.
It is a teaching I am trying to transmit everyday even to my children.

Is there anything you like to do in your free time?
Spending my time with my friends: I have many in NTS as well.
I also like to help less fortunate people.
I cooperate with the organization Naga Milano, specialized in welcoming immigrates in Italy. We try to give them basic assistance, even speaking the same language often helps them to feel reassured. I believe that everyone of us has the duty to give help to those who need it.


Do you have a long-cherished dream?
When I arrived to Italy I did not continue my studies in Economics and Business, I had to work. Maybe it’s gone for the best like this, I did not feel talented at scientific studies. I don’t know when but I would like to study psychology to better understand other people and always feel useful.



Interview with Davide Licari

Davide Licari is the head of the Moulds’ building workshop in NTS.
He coordinates a team of twenty people, he loves sport and educational training.
He is been working in NTS since January 1989 and he lived the switch from artisan to industrial business.

We interviewed him to get to know his professional history.


What does your job consist of?
I manage the complete mould productive process in NTS.
All our moulds are generally conceived by our design dept. and then put into production.
There are many activities which are nowadays handled by anthropomorphic robots but the human position remains anyway central: in the setting and monitoring of the machinery, and in the finishing phase of the mould as well.
This synergy between Machinery and Man is a very important aspect in my department.
If on one side I have to monitor the perfect functioning of the equipment, on the other side I have to make sure that all human resources work at their maximum potential.
Technology and Man must coexist in an harmonic way: my task is to make it happen. It is naturally perceivable, that the digital evolution has changed the way to work in the last years and, further to this, the Company has invested in my training as well.


With NTS I attended technical classes, but especially, I have attended classes to improve my personal abilities, for example the one of managing a working team.
I am really grateful for the educational path I undertook.
I learned a lot from our coach Paolo Manocchi: he taught me a lot but especially to listen carefully to my interlocutor since often his questions already include the answers he is searching for.


Our work often make some unknown aspect of our personality emerge. Do you agree?
During the years I realized that I get a lot of satisfaction in seeing motivation in those who surround me and, quite the opposite, I get very annoyed when somebody is unenthusiastic.
There are some young guys wanting to work here but they back out after a few days.
I find it curious that, even thanks to some TV program, it is considered noble to oil one’s hands in the kitchen but not very elegant to soil them with cooling lubricant used in a workshop.
There is a common opinion, that I don’t share, which divides series A and series B manual labors.
I strongly affirm that doing a manual job involves concentration and mind commitment together with the ability of using one’s hand with professionality. It means being able to create something, it is really priceless feeling.


Can parents help their children to fulfil themselves?
We have to stop being hyper-protective towards our children. Sometimes parents accompany their 18 years old children to our company and recommend not to make them tire too much. We must understand that loving our children means to help them to find their own way, to encourage them to dare, experiment, and do what they do with commitment and heart.
Making experience and being humble are necessary to grow up: there are no shortcuts.


What do you like in NTS?

I have been working in this Company for more than thirty years and I can say it is a company that believes in values such as transparency, coherence, sharing, responsibility and flexibility. The switch from artisan to industrial reality has been gradual: we all felt we are a part of the growth of this Company.
Moreover the fundamental values remained the same: even if workers and collaborators have exponentially grown, none of us has ever felt like a number.
NTS is able to keep up with the times without degenerating: I think this is its greater strength.


What do you think about the new company image and the social turning point?
I believe that company communication is coherent with our way to be.
Technology, environment and human relationship are always at the center: simple values that everyone of us tries to transmit to customers, suppliers and collaborators.
I appreciate the choice of being present in social medias: it is a way to open to the world, to dialogue and converse even beyond physical confines. We are like this: we love confrontation.


What are your passions?
I like running. I also have a directive role in the sportive society Atletica Stezzano.
Many people think it is an individual sport but they are wrong: the most beautiful aspect of running is training with mates and preparing for a competitive event keeping united.
I believe it is a wonderful metaphor of life: every one of us runs with his own legs but breath and heart are the result of an inner strength that you find only when you share your path with valuable people.