Also this year NTS is accredited by WHP

Yesterday Matteo Longhi, member of the internal WHP group of NTS, received the prize of accredited factory by WHP.
This prize makes us pride beacause of the values that this program believe’s in.

What is it about?

We spend about 1700 hours per year at work.

A really important time in which we have to keep and improve our professionalism together with our health. Feeling fine at work generates a positive effect that affects not only the organization but also our everyday life.


We strongly believe that the workplace is a constant discussion and improvement habitat and, right because of this, we joined with enthusiasm the WHP program (

We involved our whole team through a promoting group of people and, a few months after adhering to the WHP program, we have already implemented important virtuous actions.



Any example of good practice?

Twice a week we make baskets of fresh fruits available to our team for a healthy snack.

The vending machines nearby our relax area are equipped with healthy foods (such as dried fruit or simple carbohydrates) and low-cal refreshing drinks.

To cap it all, we decided to discourage smoke, isolating the smoking area in a small portion near the parking.

Into the bargain, we are thinking of new activities.

If you follow us on our socials, you’ll be update in real time.


WHP: what is it about?

WHP program has been conceived and experimented in Bergamo by the Health Protection Agency together with Confindustria, with the endorsement of different institutional and scientific partners.

In 2012 it has been spread to all the territory of Lombardy Region.

The workplaces joining the WHP undertake a path that foresees the realization of good and effective actions to promote health and safety.

WHP companies promote physical activity, offer opportunities to quit smoking, support a healthy diet, implement activities to improve the well-being at work.


Further information about WHP available at:

PMI DAY 2019

Also this year NTS joined with great enthusiasm the PMI DAY – INDUSTRIAMOCI (Small Medium-sized Enterprise DAY– Entrepreneurship project for students) that is an initiative promoted by Confindustria, since 2010, which sees its associated companies open their doors to the students of secondary and upper secondary Italian schools.  By now at its ninth edition, this project involves in Bergamo more than 6.000 students.

The first recipients of this initiative are students – to whom it is intended to transmit business culture – their families and teachers, which play a decisive role in orienting their students, but also administrators of local institutions, media and all those who interact with the activities of the companies.

For this occasion NTS hosted 45 students of the eighth grades of Lallio and Treviolo. After a brief welcome, they visited our production departments to experience firsthand the values of work and business culture. Afterwards there has been a moment of exchange and comparison between students and NST staff.

The aim of the initiative was to show the strength and the innovation of the small and medium-sized enterprises of the manufacturing sector in Bergamo and how they are vital for the socio-economic endurance of our territory, giving a fundamental contribution to the economic and social growth of our Country through the creation of wealth and occupation.

These events allow to publicly show the true potential of the enterprise in transmitting its social role, also helping younger people to orient themselves in their next formative choices and gain a higher awareness of their upcoming future.


The great involvement and the interest shown by the students, made this SME Day very meaningful for all participants.

Thermoset material can be used safely even in explosive environments. 

The example is a high-protection box used in electromechanical field and installed in an ATEX environment, with a heavy impact: it is a protection of an electromechanical switch that must withstand strong explosive impacts. Thermoset material perfectly meets this kind of requirement as well.

The box has very significant thicknesses, where other materials alternative to metals would present critical issues; thermoset material, on the other hand, proves to be very suitable.  

The thermoset composite used in this application has electrical conductivity properties to satisfy the requirement of electricity dissipation; there are co-moulded inserts with different features: fixing, gas discharge (a porous septum is co-moulded), electrical contact. 

There are a lot of successful situations where we used our experience with thermoset materials. 

Contact us now to find out if our integrated approach can bring added value also to your company.



Giorgio Testa