NTS will host the St. Diocesan Mass of the May 1st

NTS was chosen by the Diocese of Bergamo as a workplace to host Monsignor Francesco Beschi on the occasion of the diocesan celebration of the St. Mass for and with the workers.

So, on May, 1st at 15:30 you are invited to our headquarters in Lallio to live and share this opportunity, for us very significant and valuable.

It will not only be a celebratory Eucharistic passage, but also a moment to pay homage to the culture of “doing”, which is an integral part of our being and our productive fabric.
The Bishops’ message entitled «Youth and Work to Nourish Hope» gives an opportunity for reflection and touches on the themes of employment, school, the solidarity economy and the dignity of every person. The St. Mass in memory of St. Giuseppe will be an opportunity to emphasize the importance of work, as a part of our life, and to reflect on how essential it is to give value to young people to build the future.

At the end of the celebration there will be an Open Day where you can visit and learn about our company.

In order to guarantee you more organization, we ask you to confirm your participation at the e-mail address ufficiolavoro@curia.bergamo.it. Reservations will be taken subject to availability.

NTS colleagues can confirm their presence with their family and friends here: https://forms.office.com/e/US2kQKNwiH

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