Interview to Vittorio Subacchi

Vittorio Subacchi has been working in NTS since 1991.
After a long period in the Industrialization Department, he is now the technical manager of the mold maintenance area. We asked him to tell us about his story, as it concerns his job and his life.


How did your adventure in NTS begin?
I used to work in the branch of metal carpentry.
I have always paid attention to technology and innovation and started to feel fascinated by the world of plastic. Then, when I got to know Gianrenzo Manzoni – the founder of today’s NTS –editor’s note – I had no doubts about the direction of my future.
I have had the pleasure to work at his side for many years and I remember him as a very illuminated man. He often became upset and said: “If only I could turn all the technology I have in my mind into reality, I would be a happy man!”. He was a tireless innovator and was able to transfer his enthusiasm to other people; moreover, he had a deep respect towards his neighbor, a quality which is now more and more uncommon.


Is it important to work in a contest of reciprocal trust?
For the way I am, I’d say it is essential. I have now the pleasure to work in close contact with Gianrenzo’s sister, Marinella, and I am very glad because I have been able to establish a good relationship based on esteem and mutual trust even with her.
When Gianrenzo died twenty years ago, it has not been easy to keep all the customers but the Manzoni family managed to team up and give continuity to all previous activities, working with strength and determination. I always like to remind my colleagues that the Manzoni family created a company, not thanks to strokes of luck, but with sacrifice, commitment, effort and humility.


How important is it to keep a historical memory in a company willing to project itself into the future?
It is essential, otherwise we risk losing the values on which we are building our future.
I personally thank Rosanna, Gianrenzo’s second sister, and his husband Bruno who have always worked a lot in the company, same as per Marisa, who is Gianrenzo’s wife, that still gives her precious contribution to the company. We owe a lot to all of them.


Is there a feature of your character which helps you with your job?
I like to get on well with all my colleagues. I believe that kindness is an important value: it is normal to have some disagreement or not to share the same opinion, but you have to learn to harmonize the different points of view. I always tend to take the first step when I realize that there is a bit of resistance towards dialogue on the other side, maybe right after a confrontation of different ideas. A great aspect of NTS is being a lively and sparkling reality, where everyone can contribute to the company wellbeing.


What do you think about the new generations which are now coming forward in NTS?
I have a really positive opinion. I believe that in the last few years NTS got enriched by the presence of highly talented people: each one with different features, but every one of them with laudable commitment and motivation.
Specialization is a theme that will make the difference in the incoming year, same thing will be for the generational switch. The old generation transfers a knowledge based on experience and historicity, while young people bring study, novelties, energy: when these two worlds meet each other, the company cohesiveness is granted.


What is the proper attitude to start a new project?
First of all it is necessary to understand that at work you can’t behave as if you were at school.
Nobody teaches, nobody is the top of the class: everyone must roll up his sleeves for a common goal since everybody must give his contribution. It is often necessary to keep a certain objectiveness while taking decisions that must be determined by the only parameter that matters: doing what is best for the company.


Where do you see NTS in ten years?
In the future, I see a company able to keep its name and strength.
NTS will increasingly become a hub of great innovation and attractiveness for new international talents. The investment on skilled people, distinctive factor in NTS, is our greater strength.


What do you like to do in your free time?
I like to keep myself updated as it concerns my job and technology, in general.
I also play many sports and try to dedicate my time to my family: I have a lot of nieces and nephews and my biggest satisfaction is spending some precious time with them to watch them grow.