Interview to Mauro Cattaneo

Mauro Cattaneo works in the Mould Workshop at NTS.
In NTS for more than thirty years, he has recently surprised all the colleagues with a great gesture.




Mauro, which initiative have you promoted?
To celebrate my thirty years in the company, I made about a hundred party favors with white and green sugar candies, which is in coincidence also NTS corporate green.
Then I personally gave the party favors to the Management and my work-mates.
I believe that these anniversaries deserve to be celebrated, as they remind us of the values that really matter, the ones that make us wake up every morning with a strong motivation.


Tell us, what values matter to you?
Continuity, perseverance, union and will to learn every day something new.
Working for many years in NTS taught me that being a united team allows you to improve yourself both personally and professionally.


In which sector do you express your working energy?
I deal with mould maintenance service, sometimes it is also known as “moulds first aid”.
NTS peculiarity is having an own workshop that takes care of construction and maintenance of its customers’ moulds. This helps productive continuity, for this reason it is a highly appreciated service.
During these years we equipped ourselves with efficient organization and machineries that help us to always keep our customers’ moulds in perfect conditions: we plan ordinary and preventive maintenance for them. When needed, we intervene immediately, in case of unforeseen events that require a prompt action to reduce waiting times caused by a break.


What do you remember about these thirty years in NTS?
It does not seem that so many years have passed.
I remember the founder of NTS, Gianrenzo, and his brother-in-law Bruno, tireless workers.
There were no Saturdays nor Sundays, they were always here and brought here their children as well, to make them breath the company atmosphere.
When I joined NTS I was 23 years old, my first working experiences had been in the wood sector and I knew very little about plastic. But, leading the company, there were people of great depth we could count on: their constant presence and their hard work contaminated and trained us all.
That same energy has been transmitted to the new Manzoni generation as well.


How important is the human relationship between management and employees?
It is essential. How many times I got together with Gianrenzo in the workshop.
On Saturdays, after work, it was not uncommon to meet up with him and other colleagues for a simple aperitif with bread and salami. I keep a beautiful memory of those moments.
I believe that moments of conviviality and exchange are really important to be aligned with each other, to create team and share the company goals.
When you are fond of your job, week-end sometimes does not exist, there are no obstacles to improvement.
Everything is fluid, simple and even in hard times you work in a constructive way.


Which features help you the most in your job?
I like feeling useful, especially in circumstances where you must act promptly, maybe because a machinery has stopped and it is necessary to intervene quickly. Concentration and problem solving are often required in my job.


What do you do, when you are not at work?
I have been a CSI soccer referee for twenty years.
Players often remember me for my fussiness in applying the game rules and I believe that, in the end, fairness is always appreciated.
I have always tried to set a good example, even with my colleagues at work, because I believe that observing the rules is one of the first teachings to transfer, especially to young people. I often notice that young people find it difficult to recognize the authority and I do my best to make them understand that respecting the roles is important, when you are in a social context.
It is a concept on which I am very focused because I find it useful in all the fields of our lives, even at work.