The market is increasingly asking for an integrated service that goes beyond manufacturing. We already know that we can’t limit ourselves to offer “only” molds and molded pieces to our customers, athis is the reason why we are increasingly integrating our “core” services with new high value services, such as a real technical and technological consultation to the project.
In this perspective, we are carrying out strategic collaborations with expert engineering societies, working in the branch of electronics, mechanical, material chemical, prototyping.

We have always believed that professional contamination is a great growth factor for us and for those around us. This approach based on open innovation, we are sure about it, will allow us to offer our best to satisfy more and more complex requirements of many current and future customers.



After all, we have embraced the “one-stop purchasing” philosophy: literally one stop shop. In contemporary marketing, this is a term that indicates the possibility to go to one place only, to find everything for one’s demand. We have thought that this concept could successfully be lent to plastic.

Our customers, in fact, also like to have a single interlocutor to whom they can address their requirements, from design to series production, and with whom they can exchange professional opinions to optimize the value of the overall project at its best.

For this reason we are committing ourselves to make NTS a complete solution provider, able to satisfy with unchanged professionality both ordinary and extraordinary needs, from the beginning to the end.

Advantages of one stop strategy are:

  • Single referee with industrial know-how multiplication in different fields;
  • Focused and customized consultation
  • Optimization of project costs and times
  • More optimized and innovative projects
  • Continuous professional enrichment in a partnership style, you grow I grow

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    Interview to Eric Pallante

    Eric Pallante, Thermoplastic Moulding Dept. Manager, tells us about 20 years in NTS and his life rich in meaningful events. The childhood in France, passion for sport and music, constancy in dedicating to his job with a method aimed to continuous improvement.




    When and how did you join NTS?
    I joined NTS in 2001 but I have been working in the branch of plastic material molding for forty years. I have always liked this field and it has never been a burden to me to wake up early in the morning or come back home late in the evening. Often, especially in the past, I used to work on Saturdays and Sundays as well, since I have always been motivated by passion towards my job.

    What do you take care of today?
    I am the technical and organisational manager of the thermoplastic molding department.
    I coordinate about 15 people: I always try to establish a relationship based on dialogue and respect with my team. I believe that, in particular, it is correct to work together to create a functional and efficient working method, where everyone has to feel protagonist for a continuous improvement. It is necessary to celebrate working successes and improve one’s critical areas: this is the only way to empower the individual and the team as well.


    They say you are a perfectionist. Do you confirm it?
    I believe it is fundamental to have a precise working methodology. When you are logical, organized and prepared, results appear in no time. Someone thinks I am too meticulous and I admit that the years have reinforced my perfectionist nature but making an excellent work is, most of all, a personal challenge to me. Every day I ask myself: “Will I be able tomorrow to do better than I did today?”
    In a few years I will retire and I decided to include my experience in a “manual” about molding (in particular about setups), that I’ll leave to NTS as concrete sign of professional continuity.
    I wish to avoid difficulties to who will take my place, because I believe that the company’s benefit  must be put before everything.


    What do you like in NTS?
    The collaborative atmosphere, the freedom to do one’s best, the pleasure to work in a family where also those belonging to the top management “dirty their hands” with the people in the production department. Many of us really care about the company well-being and take care of it.


    How is the company climate in NTS?
    In these years I have established solid professional relationship, in addition to sincere friendship.
    Even though I am 56 years old, I have still have fun like a little boy when I play football with my friends-colleagues and we end up, at the end of the evening, to eat a pizza together. Simple things are those that make us feel satisfied.


    Do you love football?
    A lot. I did everything: the player in all roles, the referee, the coach till the I became president of Society Calcetto Canonica d’Adda. This sport is also linked to a great regret: when I was 14 I used to play in D series as goalkeeper, I was also quite good at it. But I needed to work and nobody has ever pushed me to follow this passion that could have also become a job.


    Do you like to travel in your free time?
    I keep France in my heart.
    My mother comes from lake Endine and my father has Abruzzese origins, they got married and left Italy in the post-war period, when France required labour force from Italy.
    I was born in a beautiful place, Mont Saint Martin, same as my brother Marc.
    I was six years old when my parents decided to come back to Italy, a choice that I did not accept very well: I loved France and love it still. As soon as I can, I go to visit it, I have also kept the dual nationality, as proof of my loyalty.


    What did that experience teach you?
    In France I used to live in a ghetto with people from Senegal, Tunisia, Italy. I grew up among the others and I have always integrated myself. To tell the truth, I have never felt differences. The bad thing has been when I came back to Italy and experienced racism on my skin: I was discriminated for my accent, for my clothes, even for my name that was considered too exotic. Since then, I have decided that I would have never been racist and that I would have taught my children that diversity is always an enrichment.


    Is there another passion, apart from football?
    Music. I manage a 80s music band and play some instruments by ear. Nobody has ever taught me, yet I get by quite good. Music is a universal language and it transmits energy and positivity, that’s why I like it so much.


    FAQ 1 – What is Metal Replacement?

    It is one of the added value services offered by NTS to those customers who wish to innovate their product.

    It deals with an exclusive service of consultancy and technical support, integrated if needed also with specific know-how of our partners, starting from the choice of the raw material to the re-design of the geometries of the piece with the customer, from the prototyping to the construction of the mold and series molding.
    NTS designs and generates such a resistant and performing piece in composite material (glass fiber and resin) that it can totally replace the corresponding part with metal matrix. This activity is always carried out  with the goal of sustainability and economical convenience.

    Metal Replacement is one of the services distinguishing NTS philosophy, aimed to understand the customer’s goals and reach them with high added value products and services.

    Which industries can take advantage of Metal Replacement?

    There are many application branches: from automotive components (gears, levers, mechanical housings, electrical motors, optical units) to industrial machineries components, where there are different series productions.

    Generally, the recognized advantages of Metal Replacement are: a higher process productivity, lower production costs of the piece.

    Another aspect not to underestimate: duration and maintenance of the mold producing the plastic part is better than the one in metal matrix.


    Some advantages of Metal Replacement:

    • Keep and optimize physical features (mechanical, thermic, chemical) required by metal design and, more, improve dielectric and insulation features;
    • Weight lightening of the part;
    • Lower instability of raw material costs;
    • Lower production, molding and finishing costs;
    • Higher geometrical and design flexibility;
    • Vibration and noisiness reduction;
    • Surface finishing, tolerances and colors can be obtained directly from the mold.


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