Paolo Manocchi in NTS

A few weeks ago, as every month, Paolo Manocchi, behavioral trainer – Life Coach, held a cours about effective communication in NTS.
The meeting, open to all our collaborators, focused on the features that a good professional must hone to better work in a team.

In a recent video interview – Paolo Manocchi – tells us about how NTS has been investing in the quality of the interpersonal relationship for several years. One of the aspects he is working at, in particular, is the management of the emotional state. The first cause of micro- sufferance in our everyday life, in fact, lies in the tensional discharges.

According to studies about this topic, it is evident how worked up people are not able to manage themselves by actually hiding their problem. The management of the emotional states, which consists in the ability to remain adequate in context changes, allows people to achieve their goals.

NTS sets the person and his serenity at work at the center. For this reason we have asked for Paolo Manocchi’s precious help, in our constant improvement perspective.

Interview with Andrea Seroldi

Travel around the world, listen carefully to one’s neighbor and always be genuine.

Today, Andrea Seroldi, Sales Manager at NTS, tells us about his entry into the Company and reveals details and curiosities about his professional and…sport life.


Tell us about your life before NTS.
I’m a recent purchase: I have been working in NTS since 2017.
I used to work in different companies before, among which a multinational corporation linked to the steel branch and a company operating in the radiological machinery industry.
I have always travelled a lot owing to my job: just for instance, in 2013, I took 97 flights and drove for more than 50.000 km.
Travelling means honing one’s adaptation abilities and improving relational skills, both features are fundamental for those who have a commercial role.
Travels and different cultures have attracted me ever since I was a student; after my graduation in Milan, I immediately enrolled in the London International School of Marketing. I have lived in London for two years, a unique experience that marked me deeply.


Does an international point of view help in everyday life?
It helps a lot. You learn to get along with people of different languages and cultures, you get trained to consider things starting from a pluralistic and multifaceted approach.
At a certain point you understand that you can dialogue with everyone, you just need to create a common conversation ground.
Relationship and its management are the keystones of all good transactions, in life and in business as well.


Is there a vademecum for a good Sales Man?
There are no fixed rules, but some behaviors help to be appreciated.
The first necessary feature nowadays is transparency: today-market is hypercritical and hyperconnected and fairness is the only corporate philosophy that always repays, as it concerns reputation.
“Our business coach, Paolo Manocchi, always reminds us that “it is not important to tell everything you know but it is important to know everything you tell”.
Another thing: you need to listen carefully to the customer’s need to interpret them in the best way. We call it active listening, a way of listening that foresees the proper understanding of the message, a good dose of empathy and a sincere interest towards the interlocutor.
Our company coach, Paolo Manocchi, always reminds us that active listening is the most powerful instrument to guarantee success in professional life and beyond.


Which feature makes the different for a commercial figure?
I think it deals with the ability to work in a team.
A good sales person must team up with professionals of different departments, I am talking about the Technical or the Production department, for instance.
Sales people too oriented towards the market and not very aware of the business reality in which they operate isolate themselves and this makes the sales process more difficult and less fruitful.


What did you find in NTS?
Many things: open-mindedness, the ability to team up, the will to overcome one’s limits, the constant investment of money in each collaborator’s  training and the creation, day by day, of a brand with real and tangible values.


Does a successful brand facilitate commercial strength?
Absolutely yes.
Every one of us makes a first brand experience by word of mouth of acquaintances, websites, social networks, advertising campaigns.
Only afterwards commercial figures give a face and a voice to that brand.
It is fundamental for brand and business figures to be aligned on values, tone of voice and standing. All this contributes to generate an expectation in the market.
Obviously it is necessary not to disappoint this expectation, but rather to overcome it: it is the only way to create a true customer retention.


What do you do when you are not travelling or working?
I love sport. I like being on the move and I do running, cycling, boxe.
But my biggest passion is kite, I also became instructor.
Kite is not only a sport to me, it’s a lifestyle.
It teaches patience, when you have to wait for the wind.
It teaches to find a balance as in no time you need to manage board, body, mind and waves.
It teaches to manage unforeseen turbulences as a blast is always lurking and it is up to you to find a way to reach the shore, despite everything.

NTS new partner of JobsAcademy

NTS S.p.A., leading company in mold building and molding of thermosetting and thermoplastic materials, has recently joined the ITS JobsAcademy foundation, as participating member.

“This decision is based on a sound conviction: the person is at the center of the Company together with his precious personal and professional growth.

A partnership, the one between JAC and NTS, that has to make our school-business relationship more and more fruitful in order to generate future and technology in our territory”.

With this perspective, NTS considers our “Technology of composite materials” path as an opportunity of collaboration and development, sharing projects, in the interest of the students and companies of this branch.

With its membership, NTS confirmed its will to contribute to the pursuit of the JAC Foundations’s goals, in particular by carrying out – in collaboration with the companies of this sector – a series of initiatives whose aim is promoting and enhancing the education paths proposed by JobsAcademy, to optimize their theoretical and practical teaching methods to allow the “super-technicians of JAC” to accelerate their entry into the labour market.