The project “Plastic Bee” is born

For some time we have been asking ourselves how much and above all HOW to contribute to communication in the world of sustainability; working in the field of polymers (plastics) these questions are even more critical, delicate. We often observe campaigns such as “plastic free” that are deformed and used to find “immediate culprits” of environmental pollution, condemning plastic regardless, when instead the underlying problem is the lack of culture and real and technical information.

We have understood that companies in the sector such as NTS have the duty not only to do their job as best as possible (e.g. optimization of resources, fight against waste), but also to make the voice of those who consciously design and produce plastic products (in actually they are mostly resin and fiberglass composites) together with their customers. From today, therefore, we have more and more responsibility to integrate a new focus, namely the energy analysis of the life cycle of a product (LCA) because we must return to respect the resources we have to produce, but with ever greater efficiency.

The Plastic Bee project is born from this awareness.

In many areas and applications of our society today it is unthinkable to do without plastic, not only for its physical properties, but also because it is among the most sustainable materials: compared to metal and glass, for example, it has an energy consumption per kg. up to 50% less product. Applications that we see every day confirm this, from the button with which we turn on the house light to the toothbrush, from the smartphone to the components of our car, from the office computer to the many medical devices such as respirators, transfusion bags or syringes.

It is therefore our intention to encourage education in its use, its re-use, which is the first true form of “zero energy” recycling, that is to improve the approach from product creation to its end: design, reuse, recycling, disposal.

“Plastic Bee” is a project that aims to grow and spread a more sustainable and correct culture of plastic.
It will be a constantly evolving path: in the story and development of Plastic Bee we will also be accompanied by other organizations, institutions, entrepreneurs and all those who want to bring comparison, information and culture about the world of plastic in the most objective and measurable way possible.