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Interview to Giuliano Bresciani

Giuliano Bresciani, technologist for thermoset moulding tells us about his forty years in NTS.

Interview to Giuliano Bresciani.

40 years in NTS. Is there a memory you always keep with you?
An unforgettable memory is about the one-day trial period. At those time, NTS did not exist, it was Nuova Termostampi. When I arrived to the company and entered the moulding department, there were only two working presses, in addition to the smiling  Rosanna Manzoni and Marinella Manzoni. This is a memory I really have close to my heart because it shows how passion is important to make a great business reality.
In NTS the attachment of Manzoni family has always been a founding part of our growth: the company has deeply changed, it has grown a lot but the support of a united and concrete family has always been present.

Which values, in your opinion, allowed NTS to evolve in these 40 years?
Passion, will to evolve, desire not to remain static over time. I think that also training plays an important role in our daily business, same thing for professional contamination.
NTS is a fluid place, where knowledge and enthusiasm spread from person to person.

What’s your role in the Company?
Now I mainly deal with technology, development and training related to thermoset moulding, but it took a long professional career to get here.  I started as moulding operator till I became technologist and coordinate a working team.
I’d say I ‘ve evolved together with NTS. 

What have you studied?

Before getting to know NTS, I did some technical studies in the field of electronics but they were not enough for my role. Therefore, always working, I integrated my studies and deepened mechanical drawing. You have to test yourself and experiment, it’s the only way to grow.

What’s necessary to grow?

Curiosity and passion because without this last feature you can’t learn anything. Passion for your job helps to live better, to wake up in the morning with motivation and solid goals.

What do you advice to young people?

Not to be afraid of having a go. When you have to make a hard choice you always have to evaluate all possible risks but you also have to trust a lot in the future.
One more thing: I believe that young workers have to learn not to hide in individualism, but they have to find their strength right in the union among workmates.
When you are supported by a team, you can find unexpected solutions, even in hard times. Together we are stong, alone we are weak.

Is it possible to discuss different points of views, is there dialogue in NTS?

Dialogue is the most constructive moment to us. We meet monthly so that everyone of us is aware of all company issues, but also of all successes we achieve. Alignement is a fundamental value to make progress together.

What do you like to do in your freetime?

I spend my time with my family and I like dancing, it’s my great passion. I love ballroom and latin dance; in particular I appreciate the cheerful atmosphere with my wife and my friends. Music gives energy and allows to relieve pressure cumulated during the week.

Have you been married for a longer time with your wife or with NTS?

With NTS, five years more!