Interview with Fabio Cortinovis

To get to know closely the Research and Development Department, essential generator of innovation, we interviewed Eng. Fabio Cortinovis, R&D Manager.



What do you in NTS?
My function can basically be divided into two specific branches: development and improvement of our production and research of innovative solutions for our Customers.
In this contest there are activities such as the study of new materials, productive process optimization and virtual simulation of mould flows.

Can you tell us something about your beginning in NTS?
I had just graduated, I had been collaborating for two years in the Mechanics and Mechatronics Dept. of Bergamo University, and I was very attracted by the Plastics branch as I wanted to deepen my knowledge in this field.
When I joined the Company, I found extremely helpful people who welcomed me with great enthusiasm and revealed all the tricks of the trade sharing with me their wealth of experiences with surprising gratuitousness.

How important is it for a young graduate to feel welcomed?
It is fundamental. I had the fortune to receive precious teachings by all my colleagues, enriching my personal and professional experience, humus for my growth.
I pour my growth every day in NTS, sharing it with my colleagues.
I must admit that human warmth and constant confrontation are typical of NTS.
Meetings among different professional figures are periodically planned in our company, to grant constant energy flow, involvement and creative thinking.

What impassions you most about your job?
It’s exciting how the human mind can generate virtuous processes, almost unconsciously. In my experience, searching for solutions of optimization for our customers, helps me to find innovative ideas to apply in NTS and vice-versa. Going beyond what we have always done, to find something new, is the most exciting challenge I can take part at.

Can you tell us about a project of which you became particularly fond of?
We had an automated island in our production dept. that did not work properly in comparison to what it could potentially do; this was not depending on us but was due to an unforeseen event in our customer’s project, for which the island had been conceived, that unfortunately did not reach the awaited quantities.
Every time I saw this machinery working on-off, in spite of its great potential, I felt uncomfortable. It looked a terrible waste to me. Then a new challenge: why couldn’t we study the automation issues and reconfigure that automation island for a new project?
And so we did, reconverting the island for another productive process.
We gained specific knowledges in the automation branch and this attitude revealed its success soon.

Two years ago we obtained an important project in the automotive branch, a sector where automation is fundamental. The specific know-how we developped in our company, allowed us to deal the project with competence and awareness. The Customer was so satisfied that he entrusted us with new projects, which are more and more ambitious.

Does automation scare workers?
We have very competent and collaborative people here in NTS, they know how to put themselves into play.
I mention the case of my colleague Davide: he was a shift supervisor in the moulding department till a few years ago, now, after he kept and extended his skills in the moulding department, he became my main collaborator in the study of automation islands and robots programming. In all this change, he saw his job ennobled and he is happy with it.
Of course this transformation process must be bound to training, flexibility and a great commitment.
But one thing is sure: being open-minded is always rewarded.

What do you think is the role of technology nowadays?
Technology doesn’t have to be a theoretical exercise, it must bring real efficiency to be turned into business wellbeing.
Technology has a fundamental role in our lives: it must be an incentive to always improve, doing things with higher quality and in shorter times.




DNV-GL guarantees NTS’ Quality System

DNV-GL guarantees NTS’ Quality System

In 2018 the international DNV-GL institution declared NTS S.p.A.’s Quality Management System certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.
This goal, which is the result of the concrete attention to real Quality, marks a very important growth for NTS that, during this process, has focused also on strategical aspects of fundamental importance such as the Company risk management.


The Company risk management.
The Company risk management is a topic of great importance for the solid continuity of a Company.
It allows the analysis of critical issues that may interfere in a business contest, defining in advance strategies and specific actions to face them promptly and effectively.
The main advantage for companies that adopted a company risk management model, is the clear business vision in anticipating threats and turning them into opportunities to generate business continuity, in short – and long term.


The importance of the certification institution.
DNV-GL is one of the main certification institutions in the world.
Its authority in certifying the quality of organizations, products, structures and supply chains is known in all commodities sectors.


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