Interview to Gianluigi Benedetti

Today we interviewed Gianluigi Benedetti, manager of NTS Technical Mold Design Department.
Here since 1986, he tells us about his passion for work and music.



Which business evolution have you witnessed in thirty years of activity?
I’d say to an epochal evolution. We went from the drafting machine to 3D design but, what’s even more important, is that we turned from a craft company into an international and structured reality.
I think that the most surprising aspect in the history of NTS is for sure its pioneering attitude, the constant wish to get involved and to keep growing during the years.
Personally speaking, I am a man who constantly looks for new professional challenges and without them, I think I wouldn’t have remained here for such a long time.  NTS is always able to challenge and surprise me.


Is it important to adapt to change?
Change is a part of life. The market inputs, for example, are fundamental to make us understand how to retain long-standing customers and find new ones. If we were always the same we would not have any competitive advantage to spend: innovation is deeply rooted in NTS’ DNA.


In your opinion, what’s the strength of Technical Department?
All our designers have spent an initial period in the mold workshop.
This means that before being able to “design” they are able “to do”,  I’d say this is hardly a small thing. An approach which is always rather pragmatic together with the gained field experience allow us to make the difference – especially in all those situations – and it happens most of the times –that are out of the standard since their beginning.


How does your staff react to the entrance of a new resource?
We do our best to be welcoming and kind. What we search for in new hired staff is enthusiasm, proactivity, ability to get involved. There is a great team spirit among colleagues, we work side to side and believe that confrontation always generates good ideas.


NTS strongly believes in training of human resources. Is it a useful approach to business?
I think that the multilevel training paths we undertook up to now have been a great motivation for the improvement of every one of us.
I became aware of many aspects, but one of them has a special importance to me: the ability to listen. Understanding different points of view, adapting the approach to the interlocutor, making confrontations to reach a common goal are all skills that confer added value to a company. They donate efficiency and, especially, offer the staff the wish to constantly improve.


What makes you happy about your job?
Feeling that my team is appreciated.
Recently, after the presentation of a project for an international company of the electromechanical branch, my interlocutor said: “When I deal with other companies, I always have to tell what they have to do. You are able to anticipate my expectations and my requirements”.
When a customer has such a trust towards us I feel satisfied and I am sure I can offer him the very best.


Do friendships also arise at work?
Yes, they do. Sometimes I go out for a pizza with some colleagues and their families: we often end up talking about work and spouses punctually poke us with sentences like “But do you only talk about NTS?”.


What is your big passion, outside work?
Music and, in particular, piano.
I have been attending the Conservatory in Bergamo for eight years and till a few years ago I played the pipe organ for two chorus in the Church. I love classic sacred music, because I adore the dimension of extreme sensitivity in which it leads me every time I listen to it.
Last year I spent three hours in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Montmartre to listen to a greatly talented organist. I closed my eyes and felt pervaded by unique emotions; I will never forget that experience.