A new arrival in NTS

Even in difficult times, we, now, invest in the future.
We are pleased to announce a new arrival in NTS, the High-Performance-Line C 42 automatic-loading milling center by Hermle, the prestigious German brand of machine tools.

Why have we done this important investment?

Because we have always believed in innovation and because, especially in this period, we wanted to equip ourselves with a new ally in terms productivity, quality, precision and also to be even more ready for upcoming challenges.
We are talking about an avant-garde automatic-loading milling center, able to process parts of moulds of all shapes for every sector where quality and precision are required: medical, aerospace, automotive, electromechanical.
We will be able to build more moulds in less time, together with the support of the organization improvement, meeting the requirements of our customers with even greater effectiveness.
With this jewel of technology our mould workshop will be able to raise with continuity the quality standards.

How has this new arrival been welcomed?

Marco Manzoni replies: “In these times, such an investment brings a wave of positivity and at the same time of responsibility: we believe that our guiding light must always be the prospect of improving, growing and acquiring new projects. We are aware of the historical critical moment we are living and right for this reason we have to think about the future and offer something different with strength and enthusiasm. We have been on the market for 60 years, we know that tough moments can always be hidden behind the corner but we also know that, it is right in these moments, that determination, sharing and team-play have a fundamental role in recovery. This investment is a strong signal and all our team has welcomed it with enthusiasm. We can be proud of it and feel even more empowered, but after all, courage and resilience are part of our company DNA.”