The recycling of thermosets has to be done!

New project in progress, new goals coming soon

We all know very well how companies are engaged on a daily basis to offer their products and services in an increasingly sustainable and competitive way, keeping up with the times and taking care of the planet.
At NTS we like facing new challenges and reaching new horizons: this is why we decided to take a new path that will lead us towards a greener and cutting-edge reality.

Since December 2022 we are active members, together with 30 other European partners, of the DeremCo project (De & Remanufacturing for Circular Economy Investments in the Composite Industry), financed through the Interregional Innovation Investment (I3) Instrument under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
With us there are partners from Italy, Finland, Austria, Spain, Slovenia, Belgium and Portugal.

The topic of this project, which will last until November 2025, is fibro-reinforced plastics, structural components of a wide range of consumer goods and industrial goods, the management of which post-Use in accordance with circular economy principles remains a significant challenge.
The aim of the project is to find and to propose a systematic, cross-sectoral and demand-oriented solution that falls within the production and consumption model typical of the circular economy and that allows a re-use, economically advantageous, of compound materials and components in new high value-added products.
This solution is based on the interaction between technical and social ecosystems, both local and interregional, and aims to bring different benefits to the environment, industry, consumers and European society.

The sustainable and circular value chain will be transformed into a so-called “pull” system, where the demands and specifications on the materials and components to be reused will be transferred directly from the demand side in terms of the quality and functions of the high value-added products reusing the material.

We will be leaders and end users of the case study “Demonstration of automotive frames produced with r-BMC material from recycling of end-of-life wind turbines and production and end-of-life waste products in BMC/SMC”. More precisely, we will share with different partners our internal experties on equipment production, stamping process and materials: our ultimate goal is to propose to our customers a renewed concept of sustainability linked to thermoset materials.
Other important objectives will be to encourage industrial adoption within local ecosystems, to promote and reduce the risks of the future industrial adoption of the project through private investments and to sensitize consumers towards a more conscious and sustainable behavior in perfect Plastic Bee style, just as we are at NTS!

The De & Remanufacturing for Circular Economy Investments in the Composite Industry project, identified with Call I3-2021-INV1 and Topic I3-2021-INV1-MANU, has a total duration of three years from December 2022 to November 2025 and was founded by the European Union and directly financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with Gran Agreement No. 101084037.
The total cost of the project will be € 12,603,930.83, while the total amount of European funding is € 8,822,751.58.