Update: NTS Coronavirus communication – CLOSURE

Dear Customers, Suppliers and Partners, it is now time to stop.
NTS is closing all its activities from the 23rd/03/2020 until the 3rd/04/2020 included, due to major forces according to the principle of the DPCM Decree dated 22/03/2020, i.e. restrictions extended to productive activities which are not essential and not strategic for human life.
We seize the opportunity to thank with esteem and gratitude each single worker that, in the last 15 days spent under difficult circumstances, showed in any case Professionalism and Spirit of Service in full #ntspeople style.

Further difficult weeks are expecting us and we just have one weapon to win this Covid-19 challenge: our strength to stay strong in order to limit the contagion. We have already done it and we will keep doing it, all together.
Bergamo and Italy are alive and vital and are strongly reacting to overtake this intense challenge.
We #keeppushing

#fullspeedahead #wedontgiveupaninch

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Update: NTS Coronavirus communication

Dear customers / suppliers / partners,
following the DCPM Decree of 8 March 2020, we are all called to do our duty as responsible citizens, with a capital R, together with our role as Professionals of their activities.
We are working hard to achieve the number one target of this moment: limit contagion, keeping the company activity to a sustainable minimum.
We all remain united in this showdown and we will come out stronger and ready than before. Let’s not give up an inch, the world must know that despite everything Italy is alive and proceeds forcefully to overcome this intense challenge.

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Marco Manzoni
NTS S.p.A.


NTS Coronavirus communication

Dear all,
we wish to strongly affirm that NTS is continuing to provide its service regularly until contrary obligations imposed by competent authorities. Further to the Coronavirus – Covid 19 contagion, starting from Monday the 24th February 2020, we have immediately activated containment measures according to the regional and ministerial instructions. In detail, we have:

1. Created an internal specific task force with Management, Head of the Prevention and Protection Service, Chief Operating Officer, Logistic and Human Resources, constantly updated with the indications of the Authorities;
2. Informed all our staff by all channels: from email to printed documents and images/videos in our coffee break area;
3. Mapped all NTS employees /workers who have been at risk in the last 15 days;
4. Implemented a restriction policy for external people entering NTS through a signed auto declaration;
5. We have monitored and, where necessary, limited business activities of our staff outside NTS
6. Sent an official communication from our Management to our stakeholders, to transmit confidence and normality;
7. We are including into our Risk Management list of “risk evaluation” also the “epidemic risk” and what to do if;

We therefore committed ourselves to manage this Coronavirus Covid-19 situation with attention and sustainability and also because of this, there is only one thing we decided to avoid: the idea of stopping ourselves.

Let’s all remain united in this trial of strength and we will come out stronger and more prepared than before. We don’t give up an inch, the world must know that Italy does not stop despite everything and, rather, proceeds with strength.

Marco Manzoni
NTS S.p.A.

Paradox lies in a number: 15. Even though we work in less than 2 square meters, every day we risk going back and forth across the company for 15 kilometers. It’s the distance we risk covering step by step to recover materials, tools, components or ask for instructions and information. Often waiting for replies from somebody else. It’s such a waste of time. Another wasted resource. And company wastes, often without realizing it, are hidden behind each functionality of productive processes. This also has an aggravating aspect: man’s work is not put at the center.

It’s been sufficient to assemble a wooden bicycle according to two different methods of organization and working areas – traditional and innovative – to measure the difference: productivity increased up to 30%, reduced final set-up time up to the 45%, number of assembled items tripled in the same time. It’s a recovered competitiveness. «Time is nowadays a small resource, it is necessary to give more attention to the working area, its organization and people. I believe it is a real opportunity even to let talents in the company emerge».


There is above all him, Marco Manzoni, owner of NTS in Lallio, 250 employees, family company in the strict sense and leader in design and construction of moulds and moulding of items in plastic materials, sitting right in the same room on the day of the official inauguration of the Academy of the company. It’s the effort of NTS to make internal training even more a constant, able to comply with the necessity of the company and of people. «These are investments to raise the professionalism of everyone and their well-being at work. We have to keep in mind – explains Manzoni – that there is always a better way to do things in comparison to what has been done before: it is the sense of who is committed to make industrial production still sustainable». It is also the day on which NTS decided, during his 60th year of activity, to make a change and adopt  its own a tailor-made organizational model. On the other hand, the advice of the specialized company EY. We begin with an exhortation: «Using our hands we are able to understand the perspective of lean manufacturing at is best» announces Massimo Trebeschi, EY operation manager.


These are the two magic words of the day: lean and manufacturing.

The method is plain, Japanese origins and acronyms, Toyota as absolute reference of lean company. Even because it taught the logic of this method: it is not adopted only to reduce waste, overproduction, down-time, process losses, stocks. «Standardizing a working process – explained Manzoni – means to set a fundamental priority: certifying the safety standard».

Extract of an article taken from Skille – Eco di Bergamo – Wednesday 15 January 2020

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