To meet the deadlines of the new requirements of the market, we conceived a new integrated and fast service: it is called Fast Manufacturing.

What does Fast Manufacturing consist in?
It is the new NTS Tech service dedicated to the production of parts in short times, from the single piece in additive manufacturing in 48h to the small series in 15 days through injection moulding.

When is it required and why?
When you are designing a new part and you need to have a prompt feedback to understand if you chose the right path. Or when you have stringent market requirements to promote a fast commercialization, or if you need to carry out some specific market tests before investing in more significant and definitive equipment.

What do we offer?
We offer feasibility analysis, prototypes, moulding of small and big series.
All this in record times.

Why is it fast?
In 48 hours you will get your prototype, printed in 3D. In 15 days we can deliver a first batch of injection moulding.


The three specific phases:


➢ Drawings and information analisys

➢ Creation and optimization of the 3D model for production

➢ Manufacturing proposal: technology, lead time and costs

In this phase NTS shares and discusses with the CUSTOMER the criticalities arisen during the project/product analysis. The goal of NTS is to align the CUSTOMER on the best manufacturing conditions of the MOULD, in order to obtain a technical solution which optimizes mass production in terms of quality and costs.
NTS confirms the feasibility of the part through an initial analysis of the drawings and information received by the customer in his request for quotation.
For the specific request, a first industrialization step of the 3D models will be set for functional and dimensional simulations indicated by the customer.


➢ Realization of prototypes and fast moulding of small series

In this phase the first design and engineering phase gets concluded. This is the moment in which we move from numerical evaluation to the actual dimensional and aesthetical check of the industrialized components.
This is a delicate step, necessary and fundamental for the designer and for the final customer to make a real evaluation of the initial concept.

3 – 

➢ Offer confirmation

➢ FMEA Industrialization

This phase is an essential design step, aimed at freezing the final specifications and therefore at providing  the references of the following operational progress that will lead to the realization of the DEFINITIVE MOULDS for mass production.

PMI DAY 2021

PMI DAY project, promoted by Confindustria to introduce new generations to the business world and its opportunities, continues.
In the last days, even though in Zoom conference mode, Marco Manzoni, CEO of NTS, met 50 students of the Comprehensive Institute Cesare Zonca of Treviolo and Lallio.

Coordinated by teacher Cristina Carli and her colleagues, Marco Manzoni and HR Davide Sabani told the students what it means to be an entrepreneur today, what are the future perspectives of a manufacturing company and what are the most appreciated and valued features in a company like NTS. Particular attention has been paid to resilience and inner strength, essential ingredients of every professional successful story.

The constant contact between professional and education world is an essential pivot of NTS’ philosophy, aimed at social Responsibility, constant training and continuous improvement that identifies, right in the contamination between knowledge and different generations, a great opportunity of professional and human growth.