FAQ 7 – When is it recommended to use thermoplastic and when thermosetting material?

It depends on the project and on the functional features of the plastic component. As always, a process of active listening to the customer’s requirements is fundamental. We are more and more advocates of a 360° consultancy approach and not only as it concerns mould and moulding: for this reason, every time we are given the chance, we try to give our customers our best technical suggestions, generated by our know-how and experience. We often deal with the complete customer’s project and we respect with professionality the required confidentiality by signing NDA for specific projects.

Listening and 360° consultancy with the customers, means listening and understanding the goals of the project and involving the most expert people for each specific aspect, even joining some of our business partners with whom we have professional and structured high level relationships.

This is our will:  to offer to our customers the most satisfying performance in terms of technical solution, economical and productive sustainability, in full quality and within the agreed timeframe.


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Giorgio Testa