FAQ 6 – In which applications is thermoset successfully used?

Thermoset is successfully used in different applications, in particular where specific mechanical and thermal features are needed.

It is used, for instance, in the electrical and electromechanical field: let’s think of electrical motors where BMC is over-moulded onto magnets and windings of rotors and stators.

Thermoset proved to be very performing even in a lot of metal replacement cases, i.e. when a metal component, for example in die-casting, is replaced by a thermoset one.

In this specific branch, we have a certain experience: for example we have replaced metal in some components of electrical motors, cogged housings, mechanic-textile supports and valve bodies. We work with the customer and support him in technical choices of materials, reaching quality goals with more and more sustainable costs,  keeping a constant high level of safety for all the components.

An interesting example of application of thermoset material is when we have been asked to realise a second level underwater snorkel. Here, we used SMC material, a material made with carbon fibre (at 45%).

There are top level applications where the requirements of the customers are very ambitious: it is right here that we manage to fit in with success and enthusiasm.


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Giorgio Testa