FAQ 4 – Can thermoset material be recycled?

Yes, it can. Even if in a different way from the simpler thermoplastic, that only requires a temperature increase to get melted and then moulded again.

As it concerns thermoset material, instead, a little more energy is required: heat is not enough but it also takes energy to activate a process of pulverisation from which it is possible to obtain the dust that can be used in the new material production.

In the foot print principle for the sake of the planet, we need to know however that this kind of recycling requires further energy (cost) to the environment to be realised. Therefore we need to train to focus on the very first way to recycle with no cost: reuse. By definition our technical components no matter if in thermoset or thermoplastic material, are first of all, reusable for an infinite number of times. We are talking, in fact, about products with a very long life cycle: also about 40 years. That said, waste and scrap pieces of the processes (both in thermoplastic and thermoset) are constantly decreasing and what remains is anyway technically recyclable at 100%. Real sustainability consists in evaluating costs and energy necessary to turn the scraps into reusable material or proceed with alternative waste.


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