FAQ 12 – Why does NTS promote itself on the market as Industrial Solutions Provider?

NTS does not promote itself only as specialist for the realization of plastic parts, but also as primary interlocutor of its customers to provide complete solutions where the plastic component is included in a more complex product.

Inside the plastic part, in fact, there can be for example an electronic component or it is possible to insert cables.

NTS puts in play all its professionalism (the one of its Italian plant and the one of low cost countries plants) to offer to the customer an integrated solution in terms of innovation and competitiveness.

This solution gets concrete in the production of the final product but starts from the co-design study with the customer of the solution itself, prototyping, pre-series, industrialization and mass production.

The customer often needs to find in NTS a supplier able to create a complete supply chain. It is not rare that customers ask us for support to organize a complete supply processes going till the delivery of the final part, packed and tested, directly to our customer’s final customer.

To ensure such an accurate service, we take advantage of an enterprise network composed of special partner and complementary companies generating a sound and effective industrial solution: exactly as an Industrial Solution Provider is expected to be.

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Giorgio Testa