FAQ 8 – Can thermoset be used in explosive environments?

Thermoset material can be used safely even in explosive environments. 

The example is a high-protection box used in electromechanical field and installed in an ATEX environment, with a heavy impact: it is a protection of an electromechanical switch that must withstand strong explosive impacts. Thermoset material perfectly meets this kind of requirement as well.

The box has very significant thicknesses, where other materials alternative to metals would present critical issues; thermoset material, on the other hand, proves to be very suitable.  

The thermoset composite used in this application has electrical conductivity properties to satisfy the requirement of electricity dissipation; there are co-moulded inserts with different features: fixing, gas discharge (a porous septum is co-moulded), electrical contact. 

There are a lot of successful situations where we used our experience with thermoset materials. 

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Giorgio Testa